The Hidden Gems

Houses that are older have generally had their fair share of renovations already, and there can be plenty of bad surprises in store for the new owners. Most of them are actually expected, but not all surprises are bad. There are generally a few intriguing or exciting surprises as the hidden gems are discovered during the renovation process.

A house that was built near the edge of its lot might have had side windows that were eventually covered by walls. The owners at the time might not have wanted to look directly into the windows of their neighbours, and that was often the reason a window was hidden. Letting in natural light today is important, so that window could be a good discovery that needs only a film that lets in light without showing interior details to the neighbours.

Some older houses had impeccably kept flooring, and it might still be in great shape. It can save renovation costs when this is discovered, and many types of flooring added throughout the years could have acted as a preservative. Saving money on a renovation often means more work can be done, so it is a wonderful discovery.

Secret rooms and hidden passages are rare, but time capsules, writing on walls, and even small trinkets from the past can be uncovered during a renovation. While their value might not be huge in terms of money, finding them could give insight into the lives of those who inhabited the home years ago. They can become keepsakes for the new owners, and they might be cherished and handed down to find new life in the modern world.