Opening the Walls

Modern design often requires larger rooms than houses had in the past, so opening the walls is usually part of a renovation. They might look...


The Hidden Gems

Houses that are older have generally had their fair share of renovations already, and there can be plenty of bad surprises in store for the...


Opening Up the Ceiling

Rooms with higher ceilings may not be very large, but the feeling of space is greater. For those with a small room or a small...


Beautiful Wood Flooring

It is true that wood as a flooring material has come back in style, yet many older homes were built that way simply because it...


History on Paper

Opening up any part of an older house comes with its own horror stories, but it can also bring the past to life. Many have...


Discovering the History

The purchase price of an older home is often less, and those with the ability to take on home remodelling projects have found it a...

It has become fashionable to purchase an older home that needs love and attention for a lower price. While the money saved on the original purchase might make it a fabulous deal for those buying a home, they could find it is an expensive proposition to actually renovate an older building. Many imagine the nightmare of broken plumbing or a whole house of wiring that needs replacement, but an historic renovation can occur when it takes the peeling of many layers to find what was originally built.

Just as people today get tired of looking at the same walls and floors, people of the past renovated their homes for much the same reasons. Some of them might have added layers to their original flooring or walls because it was cheaper and easier than replacing them. As is often done today, their choices could be interesting ones that were modern inventions at the time. While flooring and even wall covering choices have truly blossomed into major industries today, they were still versatile in the past. Using new coverings on old surfaces is a time-honoured tradition that often covered up even the hidden gems a house contained.